AntiSec Finds 12.3 Million Apple UDIDs on FBI Laptop, Publish 1M

Let the speculation begin as to how and why the FBI would have these Universal Device IDs for Apple products, but apparently, they do:

And thanks to one of the recent exploits of Java’s browser plug-in, the hacker group AntiSec now has them as well.  The FBI supervisor whose hardware was exploited just happens to be one of those previously known to be investigating Anonymous.

UPDATE:  An app development company called BlueToad has come forward to identify themselves as the ones hacked, rather than the FBI.  If their account is factual, the hackers do not have 12 Million UDID’s and are attempting to put blame on the particular agent to settle old scores.

If a significantly large portion of additional IDs gets published, we can conclude their account is not factual.  Until then it seems more plausible than AntiSec’s release notes.

About Joe Atzberger

Joe Atzberger (atz) is a library hacker in Palo Alto, CA. He worked with Galen at both LibLime and Equinox Software, Inc. as an open source developer on Koha and Evergreen. Joe currently works on Hydra and institutional digital repository infrastructure at Stanford.

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