Age and Gender analyzer for web content

I got a tip from my good friend and ByWater Solutions teammate Nicole Engard about a pair of web tools for analyzing the age and probable gender of web content authors.

They’re easy to use; just enter the web address. Obviously, pages with lots more text will give more-accurate results, I should think–although, I ran my blog through them both, and while it guessed with some certainty (76%) that my blog was written by a female, it was dead-wrong about the age–suggesting that the author is between 65 and 100 years old.

I know I’m an oldy-moldy, but puh-lease!

Neat trick, but so what?

Well, if you’re writing content for your library’s website, you might want to audience-focus your content–make sure that kids’ page contents are age-appropriate, for instance. This tool isn’t perfect, but it’s worth a look-see.

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