Singing the praises of Jing

Jing. I am often in the situation where a member will call and be unable to describe their problem. This relates specifically to our ILS, Koha,¬†as we often get reports of “it gave me this weird prompt” or “this item is messed up” but no specific details. Argh! Prior to the advent of Jing (and other screen capture tools) it was a lengthy process of teasing out the url of the page, the content of the message, which patron or item they were working with when they saw the problem. Now, we just ask them to fire up Jing and take a picture of the problem. Easy! Empowering! Time saving!

If you have users who have troubles with being specific when reporting problems, Jing lets them easily take and share screencaps with you so you are at least able to see what they saw. Aside, it makes your users feel good to be able to be more helpful when reporting problems.

About Liz Rea

Network Administrator for the Northeast Kansas Library System, the 87th patch committer to the Koha Open Source ILS, and an avid user of technology and the internet.

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