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Joe Atzberger (atz) is a library hacker in Palo Alto, CA. He worked with Galen at both LibLime and Equinox Software, Inc. as an open source developer on Koha and Evergreen. Joe currently works on Hydra and institutional digital repository infrastructure at Stanford.

Java Zero Day Exploit Coming Soon To a Browser Near You

Automated hacking tools are already equipped to exploit this one: Despite it still being common practice for thicker web apps, Java in browser remains a big problem for security.  Consider disabling or uninstalling your browsers’ Java if you don’t … Continue reading

Barnes & Noble P.O.S. Hacked

The likelihood of code exploit on a device as specialized as the PIN/signature pads is small relative to the networked general purpose point of sale systems they interface with. ¬†Look for more info to emerge on this one: For … Continue reading

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